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A Customer popped in this week with their trailer tent and although there was not much to do, we managed to convert the one light they had as well a adding a couple of extras to get them on their way

The simple T5

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We had also identified a shortage of light in the food prep area, as the only previous light was directly above anyone standing here would have cast a shadow creating darkness when cooking, to help in this we adapted the customers shelving to hold 2 new  Brass MR16 Fittings each holding 8 LEDS.

In Total this add’s 6300k lumens worth of light to his food prep area making things a lot brighter and safer whilst preparing food.





Careful consideration was used as with most trailer tents during transport the shelf needed to be removed and stowed by adding in low profile LED fittings onto it’s own wiring loom that can simply be plugged in dismantling and stowing takes no more time than it did before.






For such a small conversion the customer was very impressed with the extra light given and by reducing his power usage from 20w to 8w his single battery should last a lot longer.

In this project we used.