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SES 18 LED Tower

 SES 18 LED Tower
 SES 18 LED Tower
 SES 18 LED Tower
 SES 18 LED Tower
Part no: SES-18LT

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Bedazzled LED Lighting has been designed with the harshest electrical environment in mind and strong attention to safety & reliability.

ALL of our LED bulbs are suitable for both 12v and 24v DC systems whilst maintaining consistant brightness during charging and load fluctuations.


The SES or E14 bulbs are very common as low voltage table lamps and wall lights in Boats, Trains and other battery supplied systems, originating from early passenger transportion they are often referred to as 'Bus Bulbs'.


    • SES or E14 Small Edison Screw Tower style LED bulb
    • 18 x SMD2835 (new type)  WW or SMD5050 (triple type) CW LEDs
    • Single contact pin (14mm Small Edison Screw but Low Voltage!)
    • Lumens: 230L (Warm White) or 250L (Cool White)
    • Colour Temperature: 2660K WW or 6390K CW
    • Wattage: 2.3W
    • Voltage: 10v - 30v DC
    • Current draw (at 12.7v): 181ma  (0.181A)
    • Approximate Equivalent to 21W Tungsten bulb
    • 360 degree wide angle beam
    • Dimensions: Bulb head diameter is 18mm, length 52mm (inc base)
    • EMI free (No electrical interference)
    • Features: Internally PROTECTED against Voltage Spikes and FUSED for extra safety
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